Meet the Trustees

As a charity, Group B Strep Support has a Board of Trustees who have overall governance responsibility for our work. This includes making sure we’re focusing on our mission, meeting our objectives, and that we’re spending money wisely.

We are e especially interested in people with expertise in

  • Influencing Government and NHS policy and practice
  • Income Generation / Fundraising
  • Marketing

If this might be you, and you are enthusiastic, committed and able to attend 4+ meetings a year, then .please contact us on 01444 416176 or email [email protected] to arrange an initial discussion.

Susan Gregory – Chair

“I’m an International HR Director and I wanted to get involved because – having seen the devastation caused to so many people by the death of a baby due to group B Strep – I wanted to do whatever I could to prevent anyone else going through that. I have a busy job and travel a lot and was worried initially about how much time I’d be able to give the charity. Also, whilst I have a husband and a dog, I don’t have children, so wasn’t sure what I could do.

I find being on the Board of Trustees really rewarding and the knowledge that there are babies who are alive and well today because of the work Group B Strep Support does makes me really happy.”

Dawn Abbotts – Treasurer

“I became involved with the charity a few months after my son, Alex, was born. Previously I had never heard of group B Strep and was extremely worried when I was told I was a carrier shortly after his birth. Alex was on intravenous antibiotics for the first week of his life. I now have a daughter (Francesca) as well and felt a lot more confident knowing that I was a carrier (I took another test to establish this).

What started as voluntary work for Group B Strep Support doing the filing, turned in to a paid administrative role and, when I returned to my pre-baby career (in financial services), evolved again so that I am now Treasurer.”

Robert Plumb – Secretary

“I work as a pension consultant and am also a church trustee.  Jane and I have two children (one of each).  We founded Group B Strep Support in 1996. I enjoy camping, gardening, music, cricket and gadgets.”

Stuart Bramley

“I am a medical negligence solicitor and came across Group B Strep Support when I was instructed in my first Strep B legal claim in 2007. Once I researched the condition and realised how many babies are affected by this, it became important to help as many parents and children as possible whose lives have been changed by this dreadful condition. I hope that by being a Trustee I can play some small part in preventing the infection spreading rather than only assisting those individuals affected after it is too late. The work carried out for so long by GBSS in publicising Strep B, amongst health professionals as well as parents-to-be, has been an extraordinarily worthwhile campaign.

In my spare time I try to combine cycling with bringing up my twin girls.”

Anne Hughes

“I am a solicitor by profession and have been a supporter of the charity for some years. I became a member of the Board of Trustees in 2009 and contribute strategically and on the fundraising side of things. I am married with two daughters and count myself lucky to have had two straightforward pregnancies and births. I remember, when I first learned about group B Strep infection, being shocked that I had not been informed about it when pregnant.

The charity has achieved so much in raising awareness among healthcare professionals and parents, but there is still lots to be done. I would urge anyone with some time to offer to consider joining the Board of Trustees.”

Dan Hobster

Dan joined the Board in June 2018.

Tim Howe

Tim joined the Board in November 2018.

Chloe Stables

“I discovered I was carrying group B Strep late in pregnancy – I was given antibiotics in labour and my daughter did not develop a group B Strep infection. I didn’t realise how lucky I was until sometime after – a friend from school began posting updates on Facebook in memory of her daughter who had sadly passed away. I started to look into group B Strep a little further and could not believe that so many babies were dying from a preventable infection. I was so angry and wanted to do something to help.

I’ve worked for a number of charities and now manage media and parliamentary affairs for the National Council for Voluntary Organisations – I wanted to use my skills and experience to help prevent further unnecessary deaths.”

Jane Plumb MBE

Jane is our Chief Exec and founder:

“Following our middle child’s group B Strep infection in 1996, Robert and I found few answers to the questions we had. Luckily, we very quickly made contact with an expert in the field and, after he explained how preventable most group B Strep infection in newborn babies is – and how so few health professionals at the time were aware of good prevention measures – we decided to set up a charity.

The aims then (and now) were to raise awareness of how to prevent most of these infections in newborn babies both among relevant health professionals and families affected by group B Strep, support families and support research into better prevention and treatment.”