Dr Chris Steele MBE

Dr Chris Steele MBE, resident doctor on ITV’s This Morning, is a Group B Strep Support Patron. Known and trusted by millions, family GP Dr Chris is renowned for his practical and open approach to airing medical issues in the media. He has written about GBS in the press and interviewed families affected by GBS on This Morning. He strongly believes all pregnant women should be informed about GBS and that they should be offered sensitive testing for GBS on the NHS.

Dr Chris says:

Life-threatening group B Strep infections in newborn babies can usually be prevented – get informed and protect your baby. 

Ultimately I’d like to see every pregnant woman in the UK offered a sensitive test for GBS on the NHS – this test is a routine part of antenatal care in many countries including Australia, Canada, Spain and the USA. Until then, raising awareness is the key to saving babies’ lives. I’d urge any pregnant woman to get informed about GBS, and get tested.

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Sir Nicholas Soames

Sir Nicholas Soames, MP for Mid Sussex, is a Group B Strep Support Patron and has supported the campaign to improve the prevention of group B Strep infection in newborn babies for many years.

Sir Nicholas says

“I am honoured to become a Patron for Group B Strep Support. Based in Haywards Heath, the charity offers information all over the UK to pregnant women, new parents and their health professionals. I join them in calling for every pregnant woman to be informed about group B Strep and offered the GBS-specific ECM test on the NHS as a routine part of antenatal care.”

“We have been pushing for change for too long – I am keen to make things happen and will be putting pressure on the Government and key decision makers to recognise that the current prevention strategy is not working. It is time for change.” 

James Roby

James Roby, an English professional rugby league footballer for St. Helens of Super League and a Great Britain and England international representative hooker, became a Group B Strep Support Patron after he nearly lost his son Ollie to meningitis caused by group B Strep.

The scare left James and his wife Natasha determined to highlight group B Strep infection in newborn babies, and support a charity that was “close to his heart.”

James says

It is an honour to be invited to be a Patron of Group B Strep Support. I want to be make sure that other families do not have to go through the same trauma we did and will be raising awareness so they are aware and informed.