Medical Advisory Panel

We are grateful to each of the members of the charity’s Medical Advisory Panel for their gifts of time, knowledge and expertise and their continued support. They are invaluable in ensuring the medical information the charity provides is accurate and up to date.

The members of the Group B Strep Support Medical Advisory Panel are:

Professor Philip Steer (Chair)

Professor Philip Steer is the Chair of the Group B Strep Support Medical Advisory Panel. He is Emeritus professor of obstetrics at Imperial College and until April 2014 was a consultant obstetrician at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. He is currently editor emeritus of BJOG – an International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and continues to pursue his research and teaching interests.

“All medical professionals involved in the care of pregnant women and newborn babies should be aware of the importance of group B Strep and the steps that can be taken to prevent infection. They should also be aware of the factors that put the baby at particularly high risk. And they need to pass that information on to the women in their care, giving expectant mothers the opportunity to take a simple swab test and give themselves the knowledge of their carrier status; this knowledge could save their baby’s life. At the moment, lives are being lost needlessly.”

Dr Alison Bedford Russell

Dr Alison Bedford Russell is Deputy Chief of Neonatal Clinical Services.

Dr Guduru Gopal Rao OBE

Dr Guduru Gopal Rao OBE is Consultant Microbiologist at London North West Healthcare NHS Trust and has been interested in the prevention of GBS infections in babies for over 15 years. He has been a member of a number of international and national professional groups including the Department of Health’s MRSA Screening Committee, and was until recently an international advisor for The Royal College of Pathologists.

Mrs Philippa Cox

Mrs Philippa Cox is Consultant Midwife at the Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London.

Dr Sonali Kochhar, MD

Dr Sonali Kochhar, MD has worked for 20 years in a leadership position for Global Phase I-IV Clinical Research Epidemiology and Safety Studies for Vaccines and Drugs including vaccines for pregnant women, infectious diseases and maternal and child programs.

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