Our Chief Executive, Jane Plumb MBE attended an Immunization for All Ages Summit on 4-6 June 2019 in Washington, DC meeting with major vaccine advocacy stakeholders and global influencers in related fields.

Jane said: “It was really interesting to be learning from and sharing with others about improving awareness of the value of immunisation among all ages. Although we don’t yet have a maternal vaccine against group B Strep, one day we will – and it will prevent many more group B Strep infections than any other method. It will also reduce antibiotic use.”

“Once it’s clear a group B Strep vaccine is both safe and effective, we will work to ensure it’s widely implemented and adopted. For a global vaccine, this work has to be considered for each and every situation. The challenges in the UK will be different from those in, say, the USA or the Gambia, and we need to be ready to meet them.” Jane continued.

After the meeting, Jane said, “I think a vaccine against group B Strep carriage has huge potential benefits, both in preventing these infections in unborn, newborn and young babies, in their mothers and potentially in other adults at higher risk of these infections.”

We thank Pfizer for enabling Jane’s attendance at this meeting by providing transport, accommodation and meals and refreshments during the event. For transparency purposes, we confirm that no honorarium was provided and there has been no request for Jane or GBSS to exert any influence in favour of any of Pfizer’s current or future products.