Facebook Support Group

Group B Strep Support’s Facebook information and support group offers a safe online space where people affected by or concerned about group B Strep can connect.

Our group enables you to share experiences, find and give support and help you feel less isolated.

Whether ou have unanswered questions about group B Strep, or someone close to you has been affected by group B Strep, you’re welcome to become a member.

Join our group

We currently have one Facebook group, and will explore creating further groups depending on need.

The group is moderated by members of staff, and has a code of conduct for your protection. If you’d like to join the group, please read our code of conduct, then click the link below.

Before we approve your request, we ask for a few details to make sure that the group is right for you, and that we’re creating tools and services that best meet the needs of our community.

Request to join the general Facebook group