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GBSS Legal Panel

We are pleased to be working with the following solicitors, all of which we know have successfully dealt with clinical negligence cases relating to group B Strep infection. Clearly we don’t want anyone to be in a position where clinical negligence has led to injury relating to group B Strep. If you are in that position, we want you to have the best advice from solicitors who are knowledgeable and experienced in group B Strep clinical negligence cases.

We suggest you contact a number of these experienced solicitors for an initial discussion before selecting a firm. Experience and a good track record are very important, as is finding someone you trust, and can develop a good working relationship with. Clinical negligence claims are hard emotionally, and can take many years. The most local firm may not be the best option – clinical negligence is complex and there are relatively few specialists with good experience of group B Strep claims.

If you would like further information, please contact us or one of our preferred legal providers by clicking the links below. And, if you haven’t already, please read our leaflet “After your baby’s group B Strep infection which provides guidance if your baby has been affected by group B Strep infection.

Please note, we receive no referral fees from any law firm. And, naturally, any contact you have with any of these firms is completely confidential between you and the firm.