Fundraising with colleagues

Fundraising at work is a piece of cake. We’ve put together some tried and tested ideas for you to get your colleagues involved.

Sponsored silence

An oldie but a goodie. Why not try to get the whole team involved too – or maybe even your boss.

Hold a dress down day

Ask your colleagues for a donation to take part. Why not take it a bit further and get everyone to dress in yellow or blue?

Bake sale

Everyone likes their morning coffee, so make the most of it by making it into a coffee morning fundraiser for a day. Organise a few colleagues to bake their best showstoppers and ask for a donation.  Order your free Bake Sale pack today!

Office games

Write down a list of Olympic activities relevant to your office and create an obstacle course. Charge your colleagues to enter and have a prize for the person to complete the obstacle course the fastest.

Get an exercise bike in the office

A good way to raise funds is to set up a static bike challenge. Hold a cycling relay and see how quickly can you and your colleagues cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats?  Get your colleagues who don’t want to take part to sponsor you.

Baby photos contest

Have your coworkers bring in baby photos of themselves and pin them up in the canteen or meeting room. Charge an entry fee for your coworkers to guess who is who. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Matched giving

Ask your company if they will match the money raised, an easy way to increase your total!

Ask a fundraising question

We’re here to help you with your fundraising. If you need some help with fundraising and setting up your online fundraising page please contact our fundraising team on 01444 416176 or email [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help! Good luck, and thanks for your support.