The difference you make


Will fund 100 leaflets on
group B Strep for
pregnant women,
families and
health professionals


Will staff our helplines
for 1 hour so we can
provide support and
information to families
and health professionals


Allows us to provide
50 comprehensive medical
information packs to
health professionals in
UK maternity units

Our work simply couldn’t happen without our amazing supporters. Group B Strep Support is completely independent, and we receive no funding from the Government or the NHS. Without our supporters we couldn’t continue our work to stop GBS infection in babies.  Thank you for each and everything you do.

How we help

Support Families
We provide help and support to families, especially parents, suffering from the devastating consequences of GBS infection. We also help new and expectant parents wanting more information about testing and how to reduce the risk of GBS infection for their baby.

Support Health Professionals
We are supported by an eminent and dedicated medical advisory panel. The charity provides free up-to-date and accurate medical information about GBS to health professionals involved in maternity care. We are the main provider of patient information on group B strep in the UK and attend training days to talk with health professionals involved in maternity care.

Campaigns and Research
We campaign to improve awareness of group B infection and for the introduction of effectiveness and accurate testing. The charity actively supports GBS research and contributes to UK guidelines on GBS, working with relevant bodies. 

Click here to download Highlighting our work leaflet

Rebecca is just ONE of the many families we support every day.

If you or someone you love has been affected by group B Strep and want to share your story, we’d love to hear from you.  Telling our stories of how group B Strep has affected us is hugely powerful and brings home the reason why awareness is so important.

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