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Kat and baby Jack

During her pregnancy, Kat had a swab that came back showing she was carrying group B Strep. Sadly, Kat’s midwife gave her very little information on group B Strep, and left Kat worried about her baby.

As Kat says,

“I was terrified. I cried. I didn’t know what this meant but I knew it was bad”

Fortunately, Kat came across Group B Strep Support when searching online for answers:

“If it hadn’t have been for Group B Strep Support, I would not have had anywhere to turn for good factual information and for that I am always grateful.”

Kat went into labour on Christmas Day, and laboured so quickly she didn’t have time for the recommended antibiotics. Jack was born at home, and taken straight to hospital and then to the Special Care Baby Unit, where he was diagnosed with early-onset group B Strep infection. Jack was admitted and given antibiotics for four days before being allowed home. The health professionals knew Kat carried group B Strep, so were able to respond quickly to the symptoms Jack was showing.

Jack’s now a happy, healthy little boy, showing no lasting effects of his dramatic start to life.

We are delighted that Jack has made such a fabulous recovery from his group B Strep infection – we continue to work to ensure parents have information on group B Strep, and that health professionals do too!