Share #GBSAM19 posts on social media

During July we will be posting stories, facts and key messages about group B Strep every day on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages. If you or people you know are active on social media, this is a really easy way to take part. Every like, share and comment helps us to raise more awareness about group B Strep, so make sure you get involved with any or all our posts!

Below are various ways to raise awareness on social media.

Support #GBSAM19 on social media

Follow #GBSAM19 on social media during July. And, whichever is your preferred social media platform, please take a selfie holding a sign saying “I am proud to support Group B Strep Awareness Month” and share it on your social media platform, using the hashtag #GBSAM19.

We’ll find and share loads of these during the month. Click here to download a poster.


Change your Cover Photo to support #GBSAM19 – click here to open the image. Right-click and download it to your device. Then go to your Facebook Cover Photo and click the ‘Update Cover Photo’ button and select ‘Upload photo’ and use the image you’ve downloaded.

Add a frame to your profile picture to support #GBSAM19 – Go to your Facebook profile picture, and click ‘Update Profile Picture’, then the ‘Add frame’ option that appears. At the top left you can then search for our Facebook Frame and add it to your profile picture. Please make sure to add it for the whole of July!


Change your header photo to support #GBSAM19 – click here to open the image. Right-click and save the image to your device. Then go to your Twitter profile and click the ‘Edit profile’ button on the right-hand side. You can now click the ‘Change your header photo’ and upload the image you’ve downloaded.