»»Rachel and Jason’s Kent Coastal Half Marathon

Rachel and Jason’s Kent Coastal Half Marathon

In memory of their nephew Edward-Gili, Rachel and Jason took on the Kent Coastal Half Marathon on the 4 September 2016.

Rachel writes “My husband and I were running the Kent Coastal Half Marathon in memory of our nephew Edward Gili who tragically died at 9 days old in June 2014 after contracting a Group B Strep infection during birth. Since then our ‘sister in law’ and brother (Fiona and Scott) have been doing an amazing job tirelessly campaigning and raising awareness of Group B Strep and we want to give our support and show how proud we are of them both and Edward Gili. This was a real challenge for me as until 4 months ago I had never run further than 5 or 6 km and would flatly refuse to run any further because ‘I cannot run/am not a runner’. I think I have proved myself wrong now having completed the half marathon in 2 hours and 21 minutes! As we turned the corner for the last 1.5 miles we were met with a real head wind which really started sapping any energy we (or certainly I) had left. It was at this point we saw Scott and Fiona along with our 3 sons to cheer us on. It was very emotional seeing them there and their encouragement and cheering on gave us the extra boost we needed.

Read more here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Rachel-Bramley1

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