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Lucky to have my little lady

When I found out I was group B Strep positive I didn't think much to it due to lack of knowledge and hospital didn't seem fussed. I was told to come in for antibiotics in labour. Unfortunately it wasn't that straight forward. I got to hospital as soon as possible, by now my contractions were 3 minutes apart. Her heart rate was over 200 BPM yet hospital weren't bothered. They gave me the first dose of antibiotics but within 2 hours she was here. She had to be resuscitated at birth. It took her just shy of 5 mins to breathe. They then said all was well and gave her to me but she didn't seem right. I asked [...]

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Elodie’s story

On May 7th 2015 our daughter, and fourth child, Elodie, was 16 weeks old. I had had no concerns about her health during the previous night or really that morning, the only things being she was a little more unsettled than usual and when we walked to school her hands seemed to get cold, however for May it was a cold day. I went to vote in the general election at lunchtime and on the way out of the polling station she retched two or three times, she wasn’t sick and it didn’t happen again after that. Back at home I put her down for a sleep and after an hour she woke up, again crying, which I took [...]

Happy birthday Eli!

Eleven years ago Eli was born with a group B Strep infection. He couldn't breathe, and had to be resuscitated. It was touch and go in the Intensive Care Unit for days. All this because I wasn't tested. From that incredible magical moment you were placed in my arms, I knew how special you were. Overcoming GBS, we are lucky to have you and call you a survivor! You have shown such determination and continued to fight. We couldn't be prouder, you are just amazing and perfect in every single way.

Elliott’s GBS story

At 31 weeks pregnant i went into spontaneous labour with my son. I laboured well and after 15 hours Elliott was born safely and admitted to neonatal care. Immediately after the birth I started to display symptoms of sepsis, vomiting, shivering, disorientation and a high temperature. Elliott progressed well in neonatal care until two weeks after the birth when he started to show signs of sepsis, he was grunting and had a high temperature. He was ventilated and put onto antibiotics; a lumbar puncture was attempted but failed. Before falling ill, his eyes had been weeping and a swab had been taken; this swab was found to contain Strep B. He was then treated for late-onset Strep B. When [...]

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Ava Rose’s GBS Story

When Ava Rose was born, she was grunting when breathing. There was meconium so they told me they think she had breathed some in.  I waited to hold her and when I did it was for about a minute then she was taken to the NICU. They done bloods, an X-ray and a lumbar puncture and told me she had an infection. My partner was with her but as I'd had an epidural I couldn't get to her and a porter never came. I went to her and she was just alone in this box with wires everywhere, I didn't know if I could hold her or change her. I wasn't allowed to feed her (she was nil by [...]

My little boy had late-onset GBS infection

I had the GBS screening during pregnancy and tested negative (Mum lives in Australia where GBS screening is routine in 5 of the 6 states). I then had a hugely traumatic birth. 48-hour labour forceps delivery and my baby ended up with 2 skull fractures and intracranial bleeding, which he fully recovered from. I thought after getting him home from the children's hospital everything would be fine… how wrong I was. At 25 days’ old my baby began to cry inconsolably. After 3 hours, we knew something was very wrong. At the hospital, they suspected meningitis. His entire face and neck swelled up and he was failing right in front of us. I was so scared that we would [...]

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The day our lives changed forever!

"15th November 2009; the day our lives would change forever. Having previously given birth to his big sister in 2007 without any problems whatsoever; we were oblivious that GBS sepsis even existed. Here we were in the delivery suite at the hospital, labour in full swing and eagerly awaiting the safe arrival of our precious baby boy, blissfully unaware of what we had to come. Out came his head and while I waited for the next contraction the Midwife noticed that he was making a grunting noise, "that'll be some mucus, we will feed him as soon as we can after birth to wash it down" she said. And with the next contraction out he came, she placed him straight [...]

GBS took us by surprise

Cooper is our 2nd son and is now 3 years old. I only briefly heard about GBS from another mother in a postnatal group following the birth of our 1st son, Oakley, and never thought much about it. With Cooper I was lucky enough to give birth in a wonderful midwifery led unit. I remember he slept a lot in the first 12 hours and didn't feed for long, however I had heard the pethidine injection I had could make babies a bit drowsy. Before being discharged the midwife was concerned he hadn't fed long enough, but after our conversation he did wake up, have one big feed before falling back to sleep and I advised the midwife I was [...]


My son was born by emergency C section on the 1/1/15, after finding out during pregnancy that I was a GBS carrier. I had 5 lots of antibiotics giving during labour, Mason was born with meningitis due to me having group b strep. He is now 20 months old and living a perfectly healthy life! However without knowledge, he wouldn't be here today! Every pregnant woman should be offered this test during pregnancy. Click here to share your story Click here to go back to the GBS Book of Experience

Baby Pelham

At 10 days old Pelham woke in the night very fussy and making peculiar noises. Tried to feed him but he was not interested at all. The noise turned into a grunt with every breath. I knew I was a carrier of group B Strep as I'd been given antibiotics through pregnancy and labour, but still alarm bells did not ring. After hours of trying to settle and feed to no avail we contacted our midwife and went to see them. She immediately rang hospital and we were told to go directly to a ward. Pelham had stopped grunting but had not fed for 10hrs and was very lethargic. On arriving at York Hospital, he was checked over and almost [...]