Guest Blog: Kiki BlahBlah “My birth story”

Our thanks to Sareta from Kiki Blah-Blah for kindly sharing her experience of group B Strep. I’m a mother of three boys, and each one of their births was different. My eldest contracted Group B Strep infection, and he seems to have been suffering ever since. My first pregnancy, like any first, was an entirely new experience. Not knowing what to expect I dived in head first, learning everything that I could. I attended antenatal classes, read a book and got a DVD. I prepped as thoroughly as I could and did everything that professionals recommended. In my mind, nothing could go wrong, which is why I had planned to have my son in a birthing unit. A natural [...]

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Alice’s story – Guest blog from Irwin Mitchell

Group B strep is the most common cause of infection in newborns in Britain. Harmless to the estimated one in four women who carry the bacterium, it can be fatal for babies if it is transmitted in the birth canal, causing illnesses including meningitis and blood poisoning. Alice’s* story Just one day after Alice was born on 16 December 2008, Alice’s parents were told their little girl had contracted Group B strep during birth and had developed meningitis as a result.  She was so desperately ill that she was placed in an induced coma and spent the following two months in an incubator in hospital.  It was discovered that an astonishing number of mistakes were made after doctors at [...]

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GUEST BLOG: Katy Cossham – the personal impact of group B Strep

  Prior to the birth of my third baby I had never heard of Strep B. I like to read, listen to the radio, keep up with the news, am married to a doctor, was already a mother and friends with other parents. So, right there we have a clue to lack of public awareness. My son was born in 2004, so this may well have changed. I hope so. My first babies were twins. They were born at 33 weeks and spent time in “special care” before they were resilient enough to come home. Perhaps because a hospitalised experience was necessary with them I was keen to have a home birth next time around. Everything seemed to be [...]

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International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month

International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month Facts from Group B Strep Support and Kicks Count As February is International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month, we teamed up with KicksCount, a fellow charity we highly respect, to provide information aimed at educating and empowering mums to be. Let us first remember and review that group B Streptococcus (GBS) is a natural and normal bacterium that colonises 20-30% of all adults (men and women) without symptoms or side-effects. It is usually found in the intestines as part of your normal gut flora. It can also found in the vagina living as a ‘commensal’ – an organism which lives in or on another without causing any harm. It is not a sexually transmitted disease and simply [...]

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…it’s not like the #27 bus

It may be helpful to address an issue that has comes up quite regularly. It is the question of ‘transience’ and confusion surrounding that particular word. We hear from mums as well as health professionals some version of the following statement: “the reason we don’t test for group B Strep is because it is transient, meaning one day you can have it and the next day you don’t.” This is simply not true. Group B Strep is not like the #27 bus, as we like to say here in the office. So let’s first take a look at several medical definitions of the word, transient. lasting only for a short time; impermanent passing away in time: existing temporarily short-lived; passing; [...]

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