Baby recovered from GBS infection with long-term health issues

»Baby recovered from GBS infection with long-term health issues

Baby Daisey-May

Bethany Foss had not heard of group B Strep when she was admitted to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital to give birth. Bethany believes her daughter’s future would have been very different if she had been tested for group B Strep. Bethany’s daughter, Daisey-May Moore, was born on 30 October 2018 at 38 weeks, weighing 5lb 6oz. It soon became clear that she was seriously ill. Bethany said: “Daisey-May seemed absolutely fine at first and was with me on the ward, but after 24 hours I noticed that she was grunting when she breathed. Soon after, I was told she had group B Strep sepsis and meningitis and to prepare for the worst. It was the worst [...]

Baby Alice

Jennifer writes "We said goodnight to our beautiful 5 week old but she never woke for her bottle. Luckily we were up and she was blotchy skinned, grey in colour and staring blankly. She looked so scared and wouldn’t react to anything. We called 999 and she stopped breathing in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. We were terrified. We got transferred to miles away to a paediatrics intensive care unit whilst she fought for her little life. MRI scans showed significant brain damage, we were crushed. Fast forward 11 months and she’s coming up to her 1st birthday! She has vision and hearing loss, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and she does not yet babble but [...]

Rayanna’s story

Over the first few days of his life he cried a lot, but what newborn doesn’t? He had seemed a bit warm, but didn’t have a proper fever. I knew he wasn’t feeding brilliantly, but my husband and I suspected that he had tongue tie and were going to get help from a feeding clinic. Several medical professionals had seen him in the course of their work and in social visits and none of them thought anything was amiss. The midwives who handled him at his five-day-old check-up didn’t notice anything wrong either, until they realised he had lost weight. A lot, actually. In less than five days after his birth, he had lost 18 percent of his body weight. [...]

Our story…

My name is Emma. When I was 16, I fell pregnant with my daughter Amelia-Louise. Although young, I was more than excited for my baby's arrival. "As I was a young soon-to-be-mum, many things I mentioned to my midwife seemed brushed off. One of them was that I was leaking water and I was highly uncomfortable. I was constantly told it was just nothing to worry about and that on top of a small amount of leaking it was a simple yeast infection (thrush) at 32 weeks. I was swabbed by my personal midwife and informed I had Group Strep B. I was placed on antibiotics and told it was simply nothing to worry about. I was told I would need [...]

Aimee’s story

Finding out I was pregnant was the most exciting thing that could happen to me. Leading up to the ‘big day’ was brilliant. Buying all baby things related with my sister who also found out she was expecting too. I loved every minute of being pregnant and even enjoyed going into labour. Cradling my newborn baby girl, Aimee, weighing at 6 lb 6 oz, I was over the moon. But on the ward things didn’t look too good as my baby was screaming and was not feeding. ‘What’s wrong’ I asked. They just told me that she is newborn and is adjusting to the world. The next day I took her home accepting what they had said to me. At [...]

About Adam

My son, Adam, was infected with early onset Group B Strep Meningitis in 2011. At 16 hours old his breathing was laboured, he was grunting, not feeding and wouldn't stop crying. He spent three weeks in NICU on life support, in an induced coma and on everything from brain monitors to heart monitors. Nobody expected him to live but thankfully, Adam was a fighter. He is now nearly five years old and has been left hearing impaired, visually impaired, autistic, developmentally delayed and asthmatic. He attends a special needs school and needs round the clock care, support and therapy to cope with the many challenges he faces in life. Despite all of this, he is the love of my life and [...]