My name is Emma. When I was 16, I fell pregnant with my daughter Amelia-Louise. Although young, I was more than excited for my baby’s arrival.

“As I was a young soon-to-be-mum, many things I mentioned to my midwife seemed brushed off. One of them was that I was leaking water and I was highly uncomfortable. I was constantly told it was just nothing to worry about and that on top of a small amount of leaking it was a simple yeast infection (thrush) at 32 weeks.

I was swabbed by my personal midwife and informed I had Group Strep B. I was placed on antibiotics and told it was simply nothing to worry about. I was told I would need antibiotics when labour started and a sticker would be placed on my maternity notes to insure this would happen.

So labour started and it was hard. Amelia’s heart rate kept dipping and after 24 hours they decided an emergency c-section was best.

After 5 days’ recovery, me and Amelia left the hospital. However, almost as soon as we were home I noticed Amelia was very irritated and wasn’t breast feeding as well. I mentioned this to my health visitor and, same as always, “you’re a first time mum sweetie, you’re just finding it difficult.” Then at exactly 6 weeks, I was feeding Amelia and my little girl started fitting in my arms, then her body became lifeless. Home alone, I dashed and rang 999.

My little 7 pound baby was rushed into hospital with an very low pulse & a temp of 40. That day I was told my little girl wouldn’t make it through the next 24 to 48 hours and to contact family members.

Thankfully my little fighter pulled through but with huge effects to her eyesight, hearing, motor skills and many more problems that are only coming to light as years pass. She’s my little fighter and I thank God every day for her. But my precious baby would have never had to suffer this if Strep B was taken more seriously!”