My son, Adam, was infected with early onset Group B Strep Meningitis in 2011. At 16 hours old his breathing was laboured, he was grunting, not feeding and wouldn’t stop crying. He spent three weeks in NICU on life support, in an induced coma and on everything from brain monitors to heart monitors. Nobody expected him to live but thankfully, Adam was a fighter.

He is now nearly five years old and has been left hearing impaired, visually impaired, autistic, developmentally delayed and asthmatic. He attends a special needs school and needs round the clock care, support and therapy to cope with the many challenges he faces in life.

Despite all of this, he is the love of my life and I absolutely adore him. However, I remain astounded that the NHS doesn’t test for or warn women about GBS and continue to do everything I can to change this.

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