Knowledge was key – arriving with ruptured waters at 35+4 wks at my Labour Ward, I was taken for examination to see if I was dilating. During this I explained I was due my 36 wk check up in a few days and could they perform my GBS swab (which 9 yrs ago was routinely done). Although they didn’t think I was going into full blown labour, they did it.

Within 24 hours I had delivered my little boy who was a healthy 5lbs, however I had tested positive for GBS. My baby was admitted for 5 days and we stayed on the delivery suite where twice a day we would go to the NICU to receive antibiotics.

Luckily the cultures came back negative for my baby, he hadn’t contracted GBS, but had I not known about it, or known it would be done at my next appointment, the outcome could have been very different! After 5 days and a night under the UV light (he developed Jaundice at 3 days old) we were allowed to go home, I tell everyone I know to ask for a swab, because I was lucky enough to be forewarned!!!