Jemma Writes “On September 12th 2018 our wonderful rainbow baby boy Quinn was born at 38+3 weighing 8lb 10oz, he was perfect. I had antibiotics in labour as planned with the consultant and Quinn was given antibiotics for 48hrs and closely monitored. We were released from hospital 3 days after he was born and thankfully he wasn’t effected by group B Strep.”

Sadly Quinn’s older brother Brody Allen Thompson was stillborn on 25th August 2017.

Jemma continues to tell us ” Quinn means we can smile again and enjoy our little boy. He has helped with the healing but obviously is never a replacement. We will continue to talk about Brody and tell his little brother all about him when he can understand.

For the rest of my life I will talk about him and raise awareness of group B Strep, in the hopes I can prevent other parents going through what we have. Although it doesn’t feel like it, anyone who is pregnant and knows they carry group B Strep are actually very lucky that they know, they are in control and simple antibiotics can minimise the risk to baby in labour.”

Baby Quinn now nearly 9 months old.