Stephanie writes “Today my little angel is 3 months old. This was my 1st pregnancy testing positive for group B Strep. Luisa is my 3rd daughter and to be honest through sheer fear of the what if’s, it spoiled the last part of my pregnancy. I went from so excited to meet her to so scared of the what if something happened and became terrified. I read and read and read. It’s was all I could think about.

I am happy to say though I went on to have an amazing hospital and birth at Nottingham City hospital. They listened to me and did everything I asked of them that I wanted and I had a fantastic water birth which I loved. I was supposed to be induced due to my anxiety but ended up going naturally like my others whilst in hospital and it worked out perfectly. I was so relieved.

I’ve learnt so much, I read so many tragic stories it breaks my heart and it terrified me to.

I’ve become so passionate about raising awareness. I just can’t believe it’s not being taken more seriously and it’s not routinely tested for. I found out by chance and I feel so thankful.

I’ve have tried to enjoy my daughter and believe I have. Although I’ve still been worried more than the usual you are with a newborn, I’m so happy that she’s now 3 months old and I can take a huge sigh of relief.

The Facebook page is amazing and the support line is amazing too, I rang them a few times and they were always so helpful. Jane and her team does an amazing job.

I am hopeful to do my own fundraising later this year.”