When I found out I was group B Strep positive I didn’t think much to it due to lack of knowledge and hospital didn’t seem fussed. I was told to come in for antibiotics in labour.

Unfortunately it wasn’t that straight forward. I got to hospital as soon as possible, by now my contractions were 3 minutes apart. Her heart rate was over 200 BPM yet hospital weren’t bothered. They gave me the first dose of antibiotics but within 2 hours she was here. She had to be resuscitated at birth.

It took her just shy of 5 mins to breathe. They then said all was well and gave her to me but she didn’t seem right. I asked for her to be sent to be checked over. She was taken over to the neonatal unit with the nurse but she came back without her… “she’s very poorly and won’t be leaving any time soon” I was told, “she needs oxygen to breathe”.

I was petrified. What was happening? I’m so glad I went with my instinct. They started her on antibiotics. Overnight she took a turn for the worse and had a fit. The antibiotics weren’t working and her infection level was still rising. She was given further tests and more medicines. I was told her chances of survival were 50/50. Luckily she started to respond.

The Neonatal team were true stars and I couldn’t fault them, unlike the maternity unit. She’s now nearly 5 years old and you would never know she was so poorly at birth. I’m due my next in 6 weeks time and again petrified at what will happen. So far the hospital aren’t fussed yet again even after what happened last time. Will be sticking to my guns and going with my instincts again. Group B Strep is serious and there’s not enough knowledge out there for people and hospital staff it seems. I’m lucky my lady had a happy ending after an awful scary start.