Jade writes “Our daughter was born at 39 weeks after being admitted to hospital at 38 weeks and 2 days for reduced movements and visual disturbances. They scanned me and said her growth had slowed down. My labour was horrendous after being induced and then pushing for nearly 3 hours, she was born by ventouse and was blotchy, stiff and grunting. After a few hours she was taken to SCBU and treated for everything you can imagine as they didn’t know what it was.  She had a number of tests including lumbar punctures and blood tests. She was on antibiotics and antivirals as well as breathing support, nil by mouth for 2 days then tube fed. She also then has jaundice too.

After a week of testing they confirmed it was Group Strep B Meningitis. And our hearts broke all over again!!!
But nearly 8 months later and she is incredible and our little warrior.  We are super lucky to have had such brilliant treatment from the NHS!