As it is GBS Awareness Month, I am taking this opportunity to share our story. Please share and hopefully it will help at least one woman take the test…

The picture shows the 2 things I am most proud of…. My 2 children. It is a beautiful picture, however although it fills me with pride, it also fills me with sadness. This is the only picture that my 2 children will ever be in together. This is the only picture Ivy will ever share with her older brother Frankie. Why??

Frankie died of a preventable infection called GBS, 4 days after birth. He didn’t need to die, he shouldn’t have died. If I had been tested and given antibiotics in labour he would have survived! It is as simple as that… GBS infection in newborns is preventable!!!!

Ivy will never know her big brother, she will never grow up with him, or share special moments with him. We will do our best to keep his memory alive, but it will never be the same.

This is our story… Do not let it be yours! Please, please read about GBS and understand the risks. Do not let medical professionals brush it off as a rarity. It is not – at least 1 baby a week dies of GBS and the even more are left permanently disabled. This number is far too high!!!!

July is GBS awareness month, please share this message with all that you know, and hopefully we will be able to save some babies lives in the process.

Make an informed choice and be ‪#‎gbsaware‬

Photograph courtesy of Zoe C Photography