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The RCOG’s 2017 group B Strep green-top guidelines

Group B Strep Support welcomes the updated clinical guidance from The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists on preventing group B Strep infection in newborn babies.  When the recommendations are fully implemented across the UK, we will see the rate of avoidable group B Strep infection in newborn babies start to fall. Click here to be taken to the RCOG's page where you can download their 2017 GBS guideline in full. Click here to be taken to the RCOG's 2017 group B Strep guideline Key recommendations include: All pregnant women are provided with an information leaflet on group B Strep (new) Women who carried GBS in a previous pregnancy should be offered the option of GBS-specific [...]

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Group B Strep Support statement on vaginal seeding

As 'vaginal seeding' has been featured prominently in the news this week, often mentioning group B Strep, we thought it would be helpful to make our position on vaginal seeding clear. Our Medical Advisory Panel's view is this: "The practice of ‘vaginal seeding’ babies born by Caesarean (putting a gauze swab in the vagina for 24 hours beforehand and then wiping the baby’s mouth and skin with that gauze after birth) is increasingly attracting attention. The hope is that exposure to bacteria will boost the baby’s immune system, thereby preventing illness and disease in the future, such as asthma and allergies. Group B Strep Support does not recommend this practice because there is no properly conducted clinical trial that has [...]

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Enable Law Joins Group B Strep Support’s Legal Panel

National charity Group B Strep Support and newly launched medical negligence law firm, Enable Law, are delighted to announce their partnership in working together to raise greater awareness of group B Strep and to provide advice and support to families whose babies may have been affected by it. Group B Strep is the most common cause of life-threatening infection in newborn babies, causing meningitis, sepsis or pneumonia in over 700 babies every year in the UK. On average in the UK: two babies every day develop group B Strep infection one baby a week dies from group B Strep infection, and one baby a week survives their group B Strep infection with long-term disability "We are delighted to begin [...]

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Lucky to have my little lady

When I found out I was group B Strep positive I didn't think much to it due to lack of knowledge and hospital didn't seem fussed. I was told to come in for antibiotics in labour. Unfortunately it wasn't that straight forward. I got to hospital as soon as possible, by now my contractions were 3 minutes apart. Her heart rate was over 200 BPM yet hospital weren't bothered. They gave me the first dose of antibiotics but within 2 hours she was here. She had to be resuscitated at birth. It took her just shy of 5 mins to breathe. They then said all was well and gave her to me but she didn't seem right. I asked [...]

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Group B Strep – no antibiotics

When I was 24 weeks pregnant I went to the doctors as I was showing signs of what I thought was a water infection, the doctor took swabs and a urine sample. I had a call about a week later from the doctor to say I had group B Strep, he gave me antibiotics and that was it. It was only then when I googled it I found how harmful it could be, I then found the Group B Strep Support Facebook page and felt at ease finding out more information. when mentioned to the midwife they were very laid back about it. A note was put on my file to say I would require antibiotics during labour. At [...]

Elodie’s story

On May 7th 2015 our daughter, and fourth child, Elodie, was 16 weeks old. I had had no concerns about her health during the previous night or really that morning, the only things being she was a little more unsettled than usual and when we walked to school her hands seemed to get cold, however for May it was a cold day. I went to vote in the general election at lunchtime and on the way out of the polling station she retched two or three times, she wasn’t sick and it didn’t happen again after that. Back at home I put her down for a sleep and after an hour she woke up, again crying, which I took [...]

Elliott’s GBS story

At 31 weeks pregnant i went into spontaneous labour with my son. I laboured well and after 15 hours Elliott was born safely and admitted to neonatal care. Immediately after the birth I started to display symptoms of sepsis, vomiting, shivering, disorientation and a high temperature. Elliott progressed well in neonatal care until two weeks after the birth when he started to show signs of sepsis, he was grunting and had a high temperature. He was ventilated and put onto antibiotics; a lumbar puncture was attempted but failed. Before falling ill, his eyes had been weeping and a swab had been taken; this swab was found to contain Strep B. He was then treated for late-onset Strep B. When [...]

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Ava Rose’s GBS Story

When Ava Rose was born, she was grunting when breathing. There was meconium so they told me they think she had breathed some in.  I waited to hold her and when I did it was for about a minute then she was taken to the NICU. They done bloods, an X-ray and a lumbar puncture and told me she had an infection. My partner was with her but as I'd had an epidural I couldn't get to her and a porter never came. I went to her and she was just alone in this box with wires everywhere, I didn't know if I could hold her or change her. I wasn't allowed to feed her (she was nil by [...]