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Hospitals to test mums-to-be for risky group B Strep - Screening for a life-threatening bacterial infection affecting newborn babies is to be offered at 80 hospitals in England, Wales and Scotland. Click here to read more

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The Sun

"My newborn was hours from death after developing common infection I’d never heard of" Bethany Foss is speaking out to raise awareness of group B Strep - the most common infection in newborns Click here to read more

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Major trial of how best to prevent group B Strep infection in newborns in the UK

We’re delighted that a major clinical trial has been funded by the National Institute for Health Research which is looking at whether we can improve the prevention of early-onset group B Strep infections in babies. The trial will compare the clinical and cost-effectiveness of the UK's current approach (identifying pregnant women with ‘risk factors’ for their baby developing the infection) with testing women for group B Strep carriage, either at 35-37 weeks of pregnancy or in labour. The £2.8m trial will involve 80 hospitals in England, Wales and Scotland and the results will inform future policy in the UK. "I am delighted the NIHR is funding this large-scale clinical trial to allow us to better understand how [...]

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Mail Online

'Every minute that they delayed, that mattered': Oregon mother whose daughter died of group B Strep meningitis at 7 weeks slams hospital for dismissing her concerns and sending them home Click here to read more

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Test in development for sepsis

A new test has been developed to detect sepsis earlier by researchers at Strathclyde University. Currently, tests for sepsis usually takes at least 12 and up to 72 hours, whereas the new test could take as little as less than 3 minutes. It is hoped the new test could be available on the NHS in 3-5 years. You can read the Sky News report here, and the medical paper here. “Detecting sepsis so much earlier is vital - early detection means early treatment with appropriate medicine. And that will save lives. This is real progress and we look forward to learning more."

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New Group B Strep (GBS) Online Course available

Group B Strep Support and Microbirth School are delighted to launch our new online course to help midwives and doctors better understand and prevent group B Strep infection in babies. Group B Strep is a common bacterium carried by many adults in the gut and in women in the vagina, usually causing no harm. However, it the most common cause of severe infection in newborn babies, and of meningitis in babies during their first 3 months of life. Group B Strep causes sepsis, pneumonia and meningitis. If left untreated, the infection can kill a newborn baby in hours. On average in the UK: two babies each day develop a group B Strep infection one baby each week dies from [...]

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New funding towards developing a group B Strep vaccine

Today MinervaX, a privately held Danish biotech company, announced that is has been awarded an investment of 3.6 mEUR from the Novo Holdings REPAIR Impact Fund for development of therapies to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR). An additional investment of 0.8 mEUR was obtained from SunStone Capital. The funding will be used to help finalise Phase I development of the company’s protein-only GBS vaccine, targeting pregnant women for the prevention of life-threatening infections in newborns. Jane Plumb MBE, Group B Strep Support's Chief Executive, said: "We welcome the news that MinervaX’s Phase 1 program of their group B Strep vaccine will be finalised thanks to funding from the REPAIR Impact Fund. Group B Strep is the most common cause of [...]

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NHS Long Term Plan

Group B Strep Support welcomes the Government’s publication of a Long Term Plan for the NHS, and the increased funding of £20.6bn by 2023/4. The Government aims to achieve 50% reductions in stillbirth, maternal mortality, neonatal mortality and serious brain injury by 2025, including the rolling out of the Saving Babies Lives Care Bundle throughout England in 2019 and an increased focus on preventing preterm birth. We encourage this ambition, and believe it is crucial that group B Strep prevention is improved as part of meeting this target. We welcome the working with midwives, mothers and their families to implement continuity of carer so that, by March 2021, most women receive continuity of the person caring for them during [...]

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