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Baby Boy

Mum Gemma writes "I was just over half way through my pregnancy when I found out. I was told I had a water infection but a swab result showed I was positive for group B Strep. Not knowing what it was I looked it up and panicked. Luckily everything went perfectly and my baby boy was born without any signs or symptoms. Although I'm quite nervous and cautious about any little thing.  I have just started to raise money to raise awareness of what group B Strep is and how it can affect people’s lives."

Steps against Strep

Group B Strep Support launches the Steps against Strep fundraising event. The challenge is to walk 62,000 steps in two weeks, that‘s 1,000 steps for every baby who will develop a group B Strep infection this July. Get fit and raise funds at the same time! Kick start July’s Group B Strep Awareness Month by taking Steps against Strep between Monday 1 and 15 July 2019. You can take on the challenge alone or, better still, get your family, friends and colleagues involved. Every pound you raise, for every step you take, will help save babies’ lives. Sign up today 

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Baby Monte

Mum Debbie writes "Our son, Monte, was infected with Group B Strep during his birth. He was born very poorly and there were moments when we thought we wouldn't be bringing our little boy home. Fortunately Monte was a fighter and has recovered fully. He turns 1 on the 31st July and I feel exceptionally lucky to share each day with our happy and healthy little boy. I'm really proud to be taking part in the Steps against Strep challenge this July and supporting Group B Strep Support.

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Oliver Smith

Albert team take on Source to City 18 keen cyclists from the Albert team took on the Source to City Ride, cycling 180km (110 miles) from Gloucestershire to London in aid of Single Homeless Project and Group B Strep Support. The team, made up of staff from Tideway, FLO and Aecom cycled the distance in a single day and have already raised more than £4,000 for charity. Of the challenge, Oliver Smith (Sub Agent - Albert) said: "The team found the ride very challenging but ultimately very rewarding. There was a lot of determination on show through the rain, wind and hills with the odd burst tyre adding to the task. However, the countryside through the Chilterns made the last [...]

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Baby Nellie

Mum Lauren writes "7 weeks and 6 days old our Nellie is her usual happy self. Playing like she does, feeding and napping as usual. Anyone who meets Nellie always says how content and calm she is. Nellie had just started learning to smile and laugh grabbing and reacting to colours and noises. 3am on Wednesday 29th May Nellie wakes up for her night feed - nothing out of the ordinary. I take her into her room to feed her still her smiling self. She drinks some of her bottle, I change her nappy and take her back into our room to lay her down in her next to me crib, Nellie finally nods off around 4am. [...]

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Baby Miya

Courtney writes " I am a mother of 2 children. One is 2 in September and the other is 6 in November. I spent 1.5 years trying to conceive my now almost 2 year old daughter and at around 25 weeks pregnant with my her I went into hospital due to having a horrible thread worm infection that wasn't easing and caused me severe discomfort and depression. I was told to take the medication to kill the worms as they thought the risk of problems it may cause out weighed the risk my depression could cause. I was adamant I wouldn't take the medication because if my daughter was then born with any issues, even if unrelated [...]

Baby Luisa

Stephanie writes "Today my little angel is 3 months old. This was my 1st pregnancy testing positive for group B Strep. Luisa is my 3rd daughter and to be honest through sheer fear of the what if's, it spoiled the last part of my pregnancy. I went from so excited to meet her to so scared of the what if something happened and became terrified. I read and read and read. It's was all I could think about. I am happy to say though I went on to have an amazing hospital and birth at Nottingham City hospital. They listened to me and did everything I asked of them that I wanted and I had a fantastic [...]

Baby Daisey-May

Bethany Foss had not heard of group B Strep when she was admitted to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital to give birth. Bethany believes her daughter’s future would have been very different if she had been tested for group B Strep. Bethany’s daughter, Daisey-May Moore, was born on 30 October 2018 at 38 weeks, weighing 5lb 6oz. It soon became clear that she was seriously ill. Bethany said: “Daisey-May seemed absolutely fine at first and was with me on the ward, but after 24 hours I noticed that she was grunting when she breathed. Soon after, I was told she had group B Strep sepsis and meningitis and to prepare for the worst. It was the worst [...]

Baby Williams

Leah writes "My little Dinosaur entered the world on Sunday at 39+2 and I found out at 38+5 that I was positive for group B Strep carriage. As soon as my waters broke I went into hospital for the IV antibiotics and I had around 5 rounds of them before he was born. We were kept in for 12 hours after his birth for him to be monitored and all went well and we were discharged. However I have not been told if there is anything I need to keep an eye out for as I just sit here worrying?"

Baby Esme

Emma writes "I did have to argue with my midwife to be tested for group B Strep in this pregnancy. Eventually I told her I was doing a private test and she agreed to test me herself. I had a ‘profuse growth’ and had the antibiotics during labour in time & Esmé was born fine. Thankfully I knew about group B Strep after finding out I was positive during my last pregnancy, it was picked up after I was swabbed trying to find out the cause of some pelvic pains, I’d never heard of group B Strep before. Midwives need to make women aware of this killer. If it wasn’t for ‘accidentally’ finding out about it I [...]