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Who we are

“Following our middle child’s group B Strep infection in 1996, Robert and I found few answers to the questions we had. Luckily, we very quickly made contact with an expert in the field and, after he explained how preventable most group B Strep infection in newborn babies is – and how so few health professionals at the time were aware of good prevention measures – we decided to set up a charity.”

Jane Plumb, Founder and Chief Executive of Group B Strep Support

Group B Strep Support is a UK charity working to stop group B Strep (GBS) infection in babies. We educate new and expectant parents, doctors, and midwives about group B strep and provide information and support to affected families.

We provide help and support to families, especially parents, suffering from the devastating consequences of GBS infection.   We also help new and expectant parents wanting more information about testing and how to reduce the risk of GBS infection for their baby.

We are supported by an eminent and dedicated medical advisory panel. The charity provides free up-to-date and accurate medical information about GBS to health professionals involved in maternity care. We are the main provider of patient information on group B Strep in the UK and attends training days to talk with health professionals involved in maternity care.

We campaign to improve awareness of group B Strep infection and for the introduction of effective and accurate testing. The charity actively supports GBS research and contributes to UK guidelines on GBS, working with the relevant bodies.

Hear how Fiona Gibson found out about group B Strep, was tested, had preventative antibiotics in labour and how baby Nate was born fit and healthy.