»»Summing up and close – Prof Cathy Warwick

Summing up and close – Prof Cathy Warwick

Prof Cathy Warwick closed the day. She said the debate had been presented in a very balanced and very responsible was, although ‘… there was a danger that… the professions had very much fallen into two camps’. The day had shown that there was a lot of room for discussion and a lot of options for moving forward.

“I’m also really interested in how confusing the situation is … everyone’s doing different things and that just feels to me like it can’t be safe. Safety in healthcare does depend on us all understanding what each other is doing and being able to communicate that well to each other and that’s definitely not the case around this subject from what I’ve heard today. So I think we have got a real responsibility to go away and try to improve things in this incredibly important area. So I’m sure we can do that and I hope everybody is going to go away determined to do their bit to improving things for the future.

So I’ll conclude just by saying thank you very much for coming, thank you to all the brilliant speakers and thank you very much to GBSS who I think have organised an absolutely fantastic day. Thank you.”

Prof Cathy Warwick, Chief Executive, Royal College of Midwives
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