»»Dr Richard Nicholl – Neonatal unit experience

Dr Richard Nicholl – Neonatal unit experience

Dr Richard Nicholl opened by saying how struck he had been by the honesty of the previous speakers when they spoke of “inefficiencies, errors and omissions”.

Dr Nicholl described how those overseeing young babies could easily reach the wrong conclusions. For example, on handover each day, trainees would talk about babies on the postnatal ward “maybe not feeding well, been a bit jittery, some jaundice… and the first they [the trainees] will say every day, seven days a week is, ‘there are no risk factors for sepsis’.”

“I should imagine it’s quite difficult to be pregnant and not get your serology done, it just happens. And I’m sort of thinking wouldn’t that be a good idea for GBS, it just becomes part of the routine?”
Dr Richard Nicholl, Consultant Neonatologist, North West London Hospitals NHS Trust
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