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Click on the links below to read the latest news about group B Strep, the activities of the charity Group B Strep Support and its supporters.

Happy birthday Theo!

20 years ago today, Theo Plumb was born. His death 17 hours later from #groupBStrep infection led to his parents, Jane & Robert, founding this charity, Group B Strep Support. We remember him today. During the last 20 years, we have raised so much awareness of group B Strep, campaigned for improvements to the [...]

Parliamentary Question about group B Strep

Sir Nicholas Soames MP asked the Secretary of State for Health to take steps to include group B Strep (GBS) in future work relating to the National Maternity Review (see Maternity Review misses the opportunity to address group B Strep prevention). Mr Ben Gummer MP, Parliamentary under Secretary of State for Care Quality responded: [...]

Unison Motion to campaign with Group B Strep Support passed unanimously

UNISON Motion passes unanimously We braved the British weather to get down to the Brighton Centre, on the seafront this February. It was cold, wet, and windy - but we had a great time. Why? Because we were exhibiting at UNISON's Women's Conference. UNISON is one of the UK's largest trade [...]

Maternity Review misses the opportunity to address group B Strep prevention

The NHS England Maternity Review has now been published, and while there is much to welcome, it is also a great opportunity missed. Group B Strep is the most common cause of severe infections in newborn babies and of meningitis in babies under 3 months of age. But, yet again, this [...]

“Seeding” and group B Strep

The practice of ‘seeding’ babies born by Caesarean (putting a gauze swab in the vagina for 24 hours beforehand and then wiping the baby's mouth and skin with that gauze after birth) is attracting attention (see '"Vaginal seeding' of babies born by C-section could pose infection risk, doctors warn"). The [...]

Our Promise to You

You've probably seen the recent press coverage of questionable practices in a small minority of the charity sector. We're not like that. As a small charity that receives no Government or NHS funds, we need to ask for donations and to fundraise to continue our vital work. The vast majority of [...]

Thank you – looking back on 2015

As the year draws to a close, I would like wish all our supporters a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and great 2016. With your support, we can gratefully say that 2015 and has been a fantastic year. This is some of what we've been up to over the last twelve months.... The [...]

Open letter with other baby charities about neonatal care

We cosigned an open letter calling for investment in neonatal services ahead of the spending review. The letter, which was published in The Guardian, says: "Services for England’s sickest babies are under extreme pressure (Staff shortages ‘putting vulnerable babies at risk’, 19 October). A recent report from Bliss found that 2,140 more neonatal [...]

US Group B Strep Infection Rates in Babies remain lower than in the UK

Provisional data for 2014 shows that the rate of early onset group B Strep infections (babies aged 0-6 days) remains at 0.24 cases per 1,000 live births in the US, a rate that has barely changed over the last 6 years. The rate of late-onset group B Strep infections (babies aged [...]

Adjournment Debate on Bereavement Care in Maternity Units

Will Quince, MP for Colchester, and Antoinette Sandbach, MP for Eddisbury bravely shared their personal stories of bereavement in an Adjournment Debate on Monday 2 November. If you are bereaved as a result of group B Strep, please do get in touch with us at 01444 416176 or [email protected] We're [...]

The danger of group B Strep and the fight for life

A bereaved mum talks to Lisa Salmon about her campaign to introduce routine testing for the preventable common infection that killed her only son, and infects hundreds of newborn babies every year. To sign the petition, visit

Doctor urges £11 test to save babies’ lives after coroner rules baby’s death from infection was ‘avoidable’

Supporters Fiona Paddon and Scott Bramley have featured in the London Evening Standard. Fiona's and Scott's only son, Edward Paddon Bramley, tragically died aged nine days after he contracted group B Strep infection at birth last year. Since then Fiona and Scott have campaigned tirelessly for change, setting up a petition calling for the Government [...]

Conference for Health Professionals “Prevention of Group B Strep infection in neonates: The Way Forward in the UK”

Prevention of Group B Strep infection in neonates: The Way Forward in the UK Are you attending the groundbreaking conference on Tuesday 3rd November 2015? There's been a change of venue - it's now being held at the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (Sussex Place, Regent's Park, London NW1). If you've [...]

Epsom Athletic Falcons Youth Football Club Under 10 Blues chooses Group B Strep Support as official charity

We're pleased to say that Epsom Athletic Falcons Youth Football Club - Under 10 Blues have picked Group B Strep Support as their official charity. The team are particularly supportive of the charity's #WhyGuess campaign, and we look forward to working closely with them to raise awareness and funds.

Guest Blog: Research involving recruitment of large numbers of patients is a labour of love!

Written by Dr Karen Morton, Consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford, and Founder of Dr Morton’s – the medical helpline© It is exciting that the work undertaken to look at which subtypes of group B Streptococcus were prevalent in different geographical areas, with the possible [...]

Burgess Hill Town Council Backs ‘Why Guess When You Can Test?’ Campaign

We’re please to announce that Burgess Hill Town Council supports the Why Guess … when you can test? campaign. "Burgess Hill Town Council supports the Group B Strep Support (GBSS) aims for every pregnant woman to be offered information and testing late in pregnancy for Group B Strep and in particular supports its [...]