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Sometimes we’re told that health professionals are unsure about suggesting families contact us, as they may find the information frightening. We don’t think that’s true.

Here are just a few comments we’ve received from families who did contact us:

“I’ve been following your wonderful organisation now for some months. It’s been inspirational to read everyone’s experiences and the support they have received from GBSS. My daughter is 32 weeks pregnant and has also been following you. When she mentioned about being tested for GBS to her midwife she was told that they didn’t test as they are not reliable. From all the information that you give it is quite clear that this should be added to the routine screening that expectant mothers receive. A huge well done for all your hard work.” Carole Lord

“My daughter had her second child almost five weeks ago and thanks to a phone call with you prior to the birth of her three year old son she was able to make good informed choices about her Strep B status. She had her second babe at UCH who were exemplary in their care of her including automatically seeing to it that she had an antibiotic drip during labour. A close friend has as a severely disabled grand-daughter as a result of Strep B infection at birth so we know how vital the work is that you do. We feel very blessed indeed to have healthy grandchildren and to know you are there campaigning.” Sandy C, St Albans

“Although I was diagnosed in 2002, I remember only too well how little information and support there was from the NHS after they discovered I was a carrier of GBS (at a routine check for something else, none the less). It was my first pregnancy and a few weeks prior to being told I had GBS (at 30 weeks) I had read an article in a pregnancy magazine. Sadly, the outcome for the families featured in the said article was very bleak. It was with great thanks to stumbling upon this article that I learnt of GBSS. After being sent away after diagnosis armed with very little information, I/we were petrified of what the outcome may be. This is where you at GBSS came in. After a reassuring telephone conversation, you then provided me with a free and invaluable, information pack which I received soon after. I remain eternally grateful to you for sharing your knowledge of GBS with me and what I needed to be aware of. I could go on and on!” Janine Morgan-Brownhill, Mum to Bailey 

“My son Joshua was diagnosed with Group B Strep a few days after he was born in September 2004. The Group B Strep Support charity was invaluable in providing me with support and information by way of leaflets and over the telephone both during and following what was an extremely distressing and stressful time. My family and I were, and remain, extremely grateful for everything that they did for us. I hope that their campaign to ensure that every pregnant woman in the UK is offered a reliable test for GBS receives both the attention and success that it deserves.” Justine Withey 

“A massive thank you. You were the only organisation that put my mind at ease after I found out I was carrying Strep B last year. If it hadn’t been for the lady I spoke to on your helpline I would have spent the last 17 weeks of my pregnancy absolutely terrified as the midwives and consultants provided no positive feedback. My son is now almost 6 months old and gorgeous. I’ll never be able to repay your kindness when I felt as if everything would go wrong.” Sarah Jane New

“I just want to thank you for your prompt and informative reply. I’ve found the leaflet download really helpful. I just want to be armed with as much information as possible so my baby will be safe. Thank you again, GBSS is a great site for women who would otherwise struggle to understand what GBS is and how it can be managed. I’m so grateful there was someone willing to explain! I was given your web address by a Midwife – your site came highly recommended – and rightly so!” SB

“I found your website extremely helpful and our chat very encouraging yesterday and would just like to thank you for putting my mind at ease. In my first pregnancy I was told by a receptionist that I was a carrier of strep b and had to find my own information about it, but a lot was very scary. My labour was normal but very restricted I felt like I didn’t have many choices. This time around I’m a lot more prepared.” Kelly Fullman

“Your website really was the only place I could find comprehensive information all in one area – armed and informed I was then able to ask to see a consultant and start planning the care for my daughter in my second trimester. Thanks for being there for those of us who don’t know where to turn at times.” Vicki McCafferty

If you would like to send us your feedback, please do so using the form here or by emailing us at [email protected]