UK Surveys – Results

UK Surveys – Young women want information on GBS & testing for GBS late in pregnancy routinely offered by NHS. Midwives want the same


There are relatively few data available in the published literature which have been collected about what women or health professionals know about group B Strep or indeed what they want.


The data that have been collected from women of childbearing age show that far too many have not heard of group B Strep or, when they have, most don’t know what it is.  When made aware, overwhelmingly they want pregnant women to be informed about group B Strep and for sensitive tests for GBS carriage to be offered to them as a routine part of antenatal care.


The that have been collected from midwives explains in part why women are not aware of GBS – many midwives feel that they simply don’t have the information to pass on to the pregnant women in their care.  And, like the women they look after, most midwives would like to see pregnant women offered sensitive tests for GBS carriage.


Clearly, change – including more training and making sensitive tests for GBS carriage available – is needed.