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Tom Fitzlucas completed the Newham 10K  and wrote this poem which tells his story about why he chose to raise funds for Group B Strep Support.

Tom writes “My first son Seth was born on the 16th February 2014.

Zara and I were so happy, he was the most beautiful baby we’d ever seen.

But rather than give him a kiss and hold him tight,

He was taken off to be incubated, every breath for him was a fight.

After two weeks in intensive care he was able to breathe on his own,

He’d beaten a Group B Strep infection, which to many is simply unknown.

We were lucky. He’s two now and can run and dance and speak.

Many others aren’t so lucky. In the UK a baby dies from Group B Strep every week.

When Zara got pregnant for the second time we paid privately for a test,

To check whether she was a carrier, hoping for the best.

But knowing Zara was positive meant we could get antibiotics this time.

Hudson was born last December, his breathing absolutely fine.

And yet women in the UK are still not routinely tested.

I now firmly believe it is time the NHS invested,

In testing every pregnant woman as they do in Canada, Western Europe, Australia and the USA.

At a cost of only £11 per test we could save babies’ lives this way.

Group B Strep Support raises awareness of this infection,

Supporting mums get the information they need and helping with GBS detection.

Every penny that you can spare will help get me get round in a personal best,

And also support GBSS’s campaign; Why guess, when you can test?”

Visit Tom’s fundraising page if you would like to show your support