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Raj Mehta

Raj took part in the British 10K London at the weekend to raise vital funds for GBSS and fantastic awareness of GBS.

Raj writes ” My son, Rahul, developed a group B Strep infection 24 hours after birth. He went from being born perfectly healthy to critically ill in one day – all because of group B Strep. We lived in the hospital while Rahul received IV antibiotics and underwent daily blood tests. It was a very difficult and emotional time for us. Miraculously, Rahul recovered, was feeding well and was discharged after 3 weeks. He is now 15 months old and doing well – a happy chappy that is full of beans!

Are you aware of what it is? We were not. The subject is not discussed enough by midwives or GP’s with new and expectant parents. We were distraught to find out that it is preventable and many other countries in Europe and the US already routinely test for GBS as part of antenatal care. I’m not a medical professional, but my opinion is that if you were made aware of GBS and the risks posed to newborns, you are likely to opt for a private test and discuss the results with your health professionals. Withholding this information or not presenting it in a consistent way in this day and age is unacceptable.”

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