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Liesl Crowe-Broekhuijsen

Liesl really enjoyed taking part in the Great North Run on Sunday, 11 September 2016. She writes

“After having said to many times I want to have at least run the Great North Run, I decided to enter the ballot and if it was meant to be I would get in.

Well…..Sunday the 11th  September was the result!

It was a lovely (very warm!!) day, but the atmosphere was amazing and all the support of the people on the side the whole way to the finish line was fantastic!

I would like to point out though that the training up to Sunday for me was the biggest commitment and hardest part. Of course its all about the big day but to be able to do it I have had to make some sacrifices. Leaving my little boy and my husband to get out to do a run pretty much every day. Sun or Rain, cold or warm, even in the snow! I could have so easily given up!

Knowing that most of those people running on that day will have done the same, was such a wonderful feeling.

But then with all the support of all my amazing friends and family, and their donations to this wonderful charity – I couldn’t give up.

Why? Because I was very lucky to be informed at a general GP visit several years ago that if I was ever to get pregnant to ensure I would get tested for Group B Strep because they found it in my results at that time.

I was told it was nothing to worry about but if I did have it at the time I would need intravenous antibiotics during labour and that would be all.

It did stick in my mind, and when I did become pregnant with my little boy – I had a struggle to get tested by the midwife on the NHS and after asking 3 times I finally managed to get myself a swab and test – which was a negative result.

However, after I started looking into group B Strep I soon realised things could have been very different.

Ever since raising awareness and fundraising for Group B Strep Support more and more people tell me about their experience with it. Its more common than we think.

But also, during this time the amount of people that had never heard of it, made me realise how important it is to raise awareness!

At least if expectant parents have heard about it, it will then give them a reason to get tested. If they get tested, it may well be a negative result. But…if it is a positive result, measures can be put into place. Such a simple thing to prevent such heartache.

I have and will keep telling all of my friends and relatives about Group B Strep Support, and really hope that through my encouragement they will do the same.

I also hope that all the people that have seen me during the Great North Run and seen my top will have wondered what it was about and looked it up or mentioned it to somebody else – and that at least one of those people will have prevented another family to be affected.

I am extremely proud to have managed to raise the funds I have to support Group B Strep Support to continue their amazing work. Thank you so much again to everybody who has donated, shared my posts, and supported me to do this!”

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