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Sometimes things go wrong and nothing could have been done to prevent it. Sometimes that’s not true. Sometimes we can all learn from mistakes that have been made.

1. Making a complaint about the NHS

If you want the NHS to investigate your situation, to give an apology, an explanation and/or assurances that it won’t happen to others, and are not sure this will happen following discussions, then putting your complaint in writing to them may be helpful. If the complaint is about the NHS, or a specific hospital or staff member, please follow this link.

2. Taking legal action

Sometimes when things have gone wrong, you might want to find out whether taking some form of legal action is the right route. We know a number of firms of solicitors that have successfully dealt with cases relating to group B Strep infection- for more information, please follow this link.

3. Making a complaint about Group B Strep Support

We try to provide a high quality service in all areas of our work. We aim to provide services in a way that is:

  • helpful and polite
  • efficient and timely
  • sensitive
  • accurate and appropriate

Sometimes things go wrong. If you have any criticisms, concerns or complaints about any of Group B Strep Support’s services, we are sorry. Please let us know so that we can put things right and improve our services for the future. To make a complaint about us, please follow this link.