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Andrew Harding’s PCT Hike: Final Post

I had planned to walk what is known as 'The Pacific Crest Trail' - PCT - some 2,650 miles northbound from Mexico to the Canadian border. A long, long, walk, about 5 months to do, and nearly 7 months of planning. Jane and I had spoken about GBSS, and I had determined to take this ‘stroll in the wilderness’ to raise money for the charity, and simultaneously raise awareness through fund raising events and presentations. Many kind friends and colleagues stepped up to this and the donations page was created. The fund raisers also brought a whole new awareness to my local community. In late April of this year, I set off. The start of the trail is at [...]

Andrew Harding’s PCT Hike: STOP PRESS …

I’m sorry to tell you that Andrew Harding was taken seriously ill on his PCT hike. Luckily a hiker found him & called US emergency services, who airlifted him to hospital – he was in a very bad way. After comprehensive tests, he has now been discharged and will be flying back to the UK for further investigations & to complete his recovery. We have been in touch with Andrew, especially to see how we can help. We will update you by email and on Andrew's Justgiving page when we can. Thanks you so much for your support and I know you join me in wishing Andrew a super-speedy and complete recovery. Best wishes,     Jane Plumb MBE Chief Executive, Group B [...]

Andrew Harding’s PCT Hike: Less than 3 weeks to go

It is now just under three weeks until I set foot on the trail. To make it all simple and legal as I pass through various State and National Parks, I have my PCT Through Hike Permit!! This is a fantastic, and free, document that saves applying for camping and entry into and through the various parks on my journey north. It is issued part as convenience for the through hiker, and part as an attempt to measure 'foot fall' and harm to nature. The fire permit is an online test, not very hard it has to be said, that allows me to heat up food in Californian State parks. Forest fire is a huge peril, and, again, [...]

Andrew Harding’s PCT Hike: Seeking a challenge…but what and where?

Monday June 8th, 2015. This was the first day I crystallized my thoughts about the Pacific Crest Trail. I have looked at The Way, about 458 miles, and Land's End to John O'Groats which is about 1,100 miles, on scenic routes. Safer, both, than The PCT, logistically easier by far too. Thought to practice on either or both, but not sure. Length of GB, then length of    USA, has limited appeal. Weather and bears not likely to kill in UK but still not to be entered into lightly. I am 58, and want something challenging, different and ultimately ‘mine’. If the logistics work out with The PCT, I could meet Sarah, my partner, along the trail and she can see [...]