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//How your money supports our work
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Highlighting the work of Group B Strep Support

Every pregnant woman should be informed about group B Strep and offered testing late in pregnancy. Mum can then make an informed choice about what is best for her and her baby. Knowing the key signs of group B Strep infection in babies means new parents can seek early treatment for them.This saves lives.

Information about group B Strep and group B Strep specific testing is not routinely provided in the NHS. Charity Group B Strep Support, founded in 1996 educates new and expectant parents, doctors and midwives about group B Strep and provides information and support to affected families.

“I had group B Strep in my pregnancy and it was only by chance it was found. I didn’t know anything about it and the hospital didn’t seem to be able to provide information. I got in touch with the GBS charity and they told me everything I needed to know, even the stickers for my hand held notes.” Leanne

Here are some examples of how we spend the money we receive:

  • £10 staffs our helplines for half an hour, providing answers to a pregnant woman’s specific questions about group B Strep
  • £50 supports a family in crisis: bereaved parents and those whose baby has been very ill with GBS infection, sending them information, and answering their many questions in the following weeks, months and sometimes years ahead
  • £100 supports health professionals, giving them up to date information about the best methods for identifying babies most at risk of GBS infection, effective prevention strategies, current guidelines and the latest research.
  • £250 funds 5,000 patient information leaflets for new and expectant parents.
  • £500 staffs the helplines for 50 hours, supporting and providing information to over 100 families and health professionals.
  • £2,000 enables us to attend a one-day medical conference, including a stand from which we distribute information packs and talk to those working in maternity and neonatal care.
  • £5,000 allows us to provide 500 comprehensive medical information packs to health professionals in maternity units around the UK.
  • £15,000 covers the charity’s operations for one month. During this time we respond on average to more than 1,200 helpline enquiries, from families and health professionals. Awareness-raising activities may include exhibiting at national conferences, speaking at seminars, distributing information materials, generating or writing articles for the press and contributing to national and regional policy on GBS prevention.
  • £40,000 pays for a year’s supply of printed information and display materials, including posters, leaflets and stickers, and distribution costs. This size donation enables us to run a targeted national awareness campaign, providing materials to all UK maternity units.
“I felt very alone before speaking to you today, so thank you for making me feel so much better and for giving me somewhere to turn…. I am feeling much more positive now. I will keep you posted on my journey.”


Fiona’s and Scott’s, only child, Edward Paddon Bramley died from group B Strep infection in May 2014.

“Edward was cruelly taken from us as a result of contracting group B Strep infection at birth.The first I heard of this lethal infection was just after I woke up from a Caesarean under general anaesthetic.

I was told that my new baby was being cared for in the special care
baby unit, fighting for his life.

Had we had ECM tests in place, Edward could be here today for us to see his first steps and hear his first words. We can’t afford to lose any more lives.”

Watch Fiona tell her story at




We don’t charge for information materials, though we do request donations. The generosity of our donors determines the amount of information materials we can supply free of charge to families and to health professionals.

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