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The Big GBSS Bake Sale 2017

Gather everyone together this summer to join us and host a Big GBSS Bake Sale on 01 July – 31 July. This year we want people to be talking about #WhyGuess over their tea and cake.

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One of the great things about joining The Big GBSS Bake Sale is you can make your event any size you like. It’s a good way to catch up over a cuppa while enjoying some delicious treats. Whether you take part at home, work or school, it’s a fun and easy way to raise awareness and funds.

This year we are highlighting our ‘Why Guess…when you can test?’ campaign which aims to stop healthcare professionals having to guess whether a pregnant woman is carrying the potentially harmful group B Strep bacteria, by them both having easy access to the gold standard ‘ECM’ test.

We think that guessing should be for times when it doesn’t really matter and so this year we’re providing fun and simple ‘Guess Challenge’ ideas to help you raise even more money at your bake sale, like guess the weight of the cake or how many marshmallows are in the jar.

We will be with you every step of the way with:

  • A Big GBSS Bake Sale pack, bursting with bite size tips on how to run your own bake sale and guess challenges

  • A complimentary Group B Strep Support t-shirt
  • Posters, balloons and some cake toppers to get you started

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