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Become a Group B Strep Support Volunteer Ambassador

Group B Strep Support is committed to informing and supporting families affected by group B Strep, raising awareness among new and expectant parents and educating health professionals about group B Strep and how to prevent many more of these devastating infections.

Our Volunteer Ambassadors give their time, all around the country,and do a fantastic job in representing the charity within their local communities.

Just some of the things that a Group B Strep Support Volunteer Ambassador gets involved in include organising fundraising events, distributing awareness materials, having a dialogue with their local MP, sharing their story with the media, giving talks and presentations, supporting other fundraisers in their area and promoting awareness of group B Strep within the local hospitals, GP surgeries, schools, toddler and mother and baby groups. Not everyone does all of these, but most do most!

To find out more about what is involved, how we will support you and the charity’s expectations of our Volunteer Ambassadors, please contact us for a copy of our guidelines. Volunteer Ambassadors are those who know what we’re about and why it’s so important to know about group B Strep. So, if you feel you have the time, energy and expertise to be a Volunteer Ambassador for Group B Strep Support, please contact us at [email protected], telling us:

  • how did you hear about Group B Strep Support?
  • have you ever previously volunteered for a charity? If so, for whom, what did you do and when?
  • why are you interested in becoming a Volunteer Ambassador for Group B Strep Support? Please include what skills and interests you have that would help you fulfill the role.
  • what would you like to do to raise awareness of group B Strep and/or funds for Group B Strep Support?
  • what have you done already to raise awareness of group B Strep and/or funds for Group B Strep Support?
  • what is your experience of group B Strep?

Please include how to get in touch (email address, land-line and mobile numbers, postal address).  One of our team will contact you by phone, at a time that suits you.

Your details will be held confidentially – we will never share your information with anyone without your permission.

Volunteer Ambassador Ame Edmonds

Here’s what one Volunteer Ambassador had to say:

Ame says, “I am delighted to represent the charity as a Volunteer Ambassador.  My daughter Lilee suffered group B Strep infection at birth and I do not want to see other families go through the trauma Lilee and I went through.  I am determined to raise as much awareness as possible of this horrid and devastating infection to stop it happening to other Mums and families.  It is preventable and knowing about it is good.”

Ame Edmonds