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Fiona Paddon and Edward Gili

Group B Strep Petition

“My partner Scott and I should have been sharing our son Edward Gili’s first birthday last month. But instead of having that exciting first year to celebrate and many more to look forward to, we had just nine precious days to spend with our beautiful son.”

Mountain success


Many busy healthcare professionals are unaware just how successful the preventative measures described on this website have been proven to be. You can help change this by informing them.

Runners thumbs up


We receive no funding from the Government, nor from the NHS, nor from organisations for referrals or commission, etc. We rely on generous donations from our supporters.

David Cameron with Jane Plumb

Parliament Campaign

Your MP can be a powerful voice for change across the UK, raising awareness of group B Strep among healthcare professionals, parents and others who can help improve prevention.

Team Warrior


Volunteers are our lifeblood. Without them, we simply could not function.