The day our lives changed forever!

/The day our lives changed forever!

The day our lives changed forever!

“15th November 2009; the day our lives would change forever. Having previously given birth to his big sister in 2007 without any problems whatsoever; we were oblivious that GBS sepsis even existed.

Here we were in the delivery suite at the hospital, labour in full swing and eagerly awaiting the safe arrival of our precious baby boy, blissfully unaware of what we had to come. Out came his head and while I waited for the next contraction the Midwife noticed that he was making a grunting noise, “that’ll be some mucus, we will feed him as soon as we can after birth to wash it down” she said. And with the next contraction out he came, she placed him straight on my chest for some skin to skin time and my husband cut his cord. Just a few moments later the grunting got worse and he started going a funny shade of blue. The Midwife took him, wrapped him tightly in a towel and blanket and tried to feed whilst keeping him upright. Almost an hour had passed and he wasn’t improving, the grunting becoming louder and deeper. She buzzed for assistance and our panic set in.

The doctors and midwives put him in the resuscitaire and shortly after took him down to SCBU and an agonising 2 hour wait ensued.

The lead neonatal nurse came to get us and we finally got to see him. Our precious baby was now on CPAP and was hooked up to tons of tubes and wires. Such a frightening time.

A little after midnight we got told to go and rest and they’d call us down if anything changed. Just gone 5.30am, the same nurse came to get me and explained that he was deteriorating and that they were no longer able to give him the care he required and that he’d have to be transferred to a specialist NICU 40 miles away and that he’d have to travel alone due to the amount of medical staff required for the journey. Devastated.

Finally that afternoon I was given the all clear to go join him and, the minute we got there, the lead Paediatrician took us off to the parents’ room to ‘talk’. In a nutshell we were to say our goodbyes and consider getting him baptised. He was now fully intubated and hooked up to even more tubes and wires.

Right then and there our world fell apart!

Thankfully after many weeks he defied the doctors expectations and eventually made a full recovery. He’s now a happy healthy almost 7 year old and we are so thankful to all the staff that cared for him and got him through it.

What I can’t comprehend is the NHS won’t fund the more accurate test but they’ll happily have a child spend days/weeks/months in a NICU, using resources, expensive medications and a bed space etc.

Most importantly it wasn’t just our baby boy that required NHS help. As a result of his ordeal, I suffered PTSD and depression and his big sister suffered with PTSD too. We both required NHS help and medications to get us back to good health.

Flynn we are so proud of the little boy you have turned out to be and thank god every day that you fought the odds and are still with us.”

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