Amélie, ladybird strong!

/Amélie, ladybird strong!

Amélie, ladybird strong!

I was told I couldn’t have children, but magically I fell pregnant in January 2015.

It was a normal pregnancy, just had extra appointments at the hospital to make sure everything was ok.

I was given a GBS test as part of the “routine” tests they did at that appointment. I was told I tested positive, I had 3 more test – 2 negative and another positive.

I was induced due to severe SPD and having a hypermobility disorder, during my 6 hr labour I was given 4 hrs of antibiotics.

Our daughter was born on 9th October 2015, not breathing, and Agpar score of 2 and needed resuscitation. After that Amélie came back to us, she stayed with us for a few more hours. Was very quiet, unresponsive, and poor feeding – she was also extremely swollen and purple throughhout the whole day. In the evening a midwife came to do Amélies obs, she had 2 different temperatures, was still breathing too fast, unresponsive, swollen and had different oxygen levels from her hands to her feet.

Amélie was taken up to special care, blood tests were performed, chest X-rays, and later a lumbar puncture. She was given IV antibiotics through a drip and rejected milk (glucose drip fed) due to a full stomach putting too much pressure on her lungs.

The diagnosis was sepsis, caused by a GBS infection. We were told not to expect her home for at least another few weeks however miraculously, shocking both us and the Drs, Amélie pulled her cannula out which meant she had to be transferred into a different incubator… A few hrs later she was transferred down to the main ward and was allowed to stay with us after just 5 days.

Amélie is now almost 7 months old, 14lb 14 and 63cm. She’s small but developing extremely well, she stands holding on, says mumma, dadda and hiya, loves to play and full of smiles.

We would like to thank GBS support for always being there to spread awareness, share information and always happy to talk when you just need someone there, I was full of guilt for months and now feel much more comfortable that it is not my fault.

We would also like to thank Boston Pilgrim hospital for the incredible care and support you gave our family and for saving our daughter’s life x x

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