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Elliott’s GBS story

At 31 weeks pregnant i went into spontaneous labour with my son. I laboured well and after 15 hours Elliott was born safely and admitted to neonatal care. Immediately after the birth I started to display symptoms of sepsis, vomiting, shivering, disorientation and a high temperature. Elliott progressed well in neonatal care until two weeks after the birth when he started to show signs of sepsis, he was grunting and had a high temperature. He was ventilated and put onto antibiotics; a lumbar puncture was attempted but failed. Before falling ill, his eyes had been weeping and a swab had been taken; this swab was found to contain Strep B. He was then treated for late-onset Strep B. When [...]

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Evan George Brooke Steel

In 2007, we found out we were expecting our first child; we hadn't planned for this but were thrilled nonetheless that we were going to be parents. On the 17th August 2007, Evan George Brooke Steel, our first son, was born. The most perfect and adorable son you will ever see... an angel. During the long and complicated labour, although there were major signs that something was very wrong with Evan, senior staff failed to intervene. It wasn't until Evan was delivered, they realised his cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times. On top of this Laura was also a carrier of GBS. A combination of both these factors left Evan severely brain damaged. We had a few brief [...]

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Our story…

My name is Emma. When I was 16, I fell pregnant with my daughter Amelia-Louise. Although young, I was more than excited for my baby's arrival. "As I was a young soon-to-be-mum, many things I mentioned to my midwife seemed brushed off. One of them was that I was leaking water and I was highly uncomfortable. I was constantly told it was just nothing to worry about and that on top of a small amount of leaking it was a simple yeast infection (thrush) at 32 weeks. I was swabbed by my personal midwife and informed I had Group Strep B. I was placed on antibiotics and told it was simply nothing to worry about. I was told I would need [...]

The day our lives changed forever!

"15th November 2009; the day our lives would change forever. Having previously given birth to his big sister in 2007 without any problems whatsoever; we were oblivious that GBS sepsis even existed. Here we were in the delivery suite at the hospital, labour in full swing and eagerly awaiting the safe arrival of our precious baby boy, blissfully unaware of what we had to come. Out came his head and while I waited for the next contraction the Midwife noticed that he was making a grunting noise, "that'll be some mucus, we will feed him as soon as we can after birth to wash it down" she said. And with the next contraction out he came, she placed him straight [...]

GBS took us by surprise

Cooper is our 2nd son and is now 3 years old. I only briefly heard about GBS from another mother in a postnatal group following the birth of our 1st son, Oakley, and never thought much about it. With Cooper I was lucky enough to give birth in a wonderful midwifery led unit. I remember he slept a lot in the first 12 hours and didn't feed for long, however I had heard the pethidine injection I had could make babies a bit drowsy. Before being discharged the midwife was concerned he hadn't fed long enough, but after our conversation he did wake up, have one big feed before falling back to sleep and I advised the midwife I was [...]

ETHAN : died after two infections from GBS

We are French so there will be probably a lot of mistakes. Ethan was born on the 8 /01/2016 and the hospital detected an infection from GBS, but they said that he was well. He was treated with antibiotics for ten days . After that we came home with Ethan. He was well. But seven days later, during the night Ethan seemed ill. He was pale and lethargic. We go to Emergency and they transfer him to an hospital with more equipment. He died the next day from meningitis from GBS! One of the Paediatricians said that probably came from my milk! So I was tested and my milk was infected by the GBS! A lot of doctors said even though we have found GBS in the milk, the second infection probably [...]

Kyla and Charlie

Jemma Potter was 27 when her daughter Kyla was stillborn. Layton and I met back in 2007, we fell in love, we bought a house, we got a dog and we got married. We were so happy with life and we were ready more than ever to start a family. After five years of trying, we finally got pregnant through fertility treatment; we were so happy and excited. Everything went perfect the whole pregnancy was a wonderful experience. At 41 weeks, I had a stretch and sweep to kick things off & as the labour progressed, I jumped into the birthing pool as planned. By 4:10am on 7th March 2014 my little girl arrived, I could hear everyone saying, "she`s [...]

The More You Know…

It's all about informed choice - get the facts & decide what's best for you & your baby Engagement on our social media pages is at an all-time high. We have noticed that there was a lot of misinformation being circulated. Misinformation can lead to the kind of tragic outcomes we’re desperately trying to prevent. We want every pregnant woman be given accurate information about group B Strep. This is clearly not happening and begets lack of accurate information being given about testing. There are officially three different tests for GBS carriage and it is crucial to know which is being offered. There is the Standard Direct Plating method which is the conventional NHS test, the ECM (Enriched Culture Medium method) recognised as the ‘gold [...]

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Dylan was my second child and my husband's fourth. I was 22 when I had him. We were worried throughout the pregnancy as my eldest was born 2 months premature and I fell with him quite soon after her. There is only 11 months between them. I did go into labour at 30wks but the hospital managed to stop it. We lived in Basingstoke, Hampshire. I went into labour at 36+4. I went into hospital where I saw an agency midwife. She took a swab and while examining me she hurt me a lot and caused me to bleed heavily I found out after she had done a swab without my knowledge or permission. I was in hospital for 2 [...]

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Aimee’s story

Finding out I was pregnant was the most exciting thing that could happen to me. Leading up to the ‘big day’ was brilliant. Buying all baby things related with my sister who also found out she was expecting too. I loved every minute of being pregnant and even enjoyed going into labour. Cradling my newborn baby girl, Aimee, weighing at 6 lb 6 oz, I was over the moon. But on the ward things didn’t look too good as my baby was screaming and was not feeding. ‘What’s wrong’ I asked. They just told me that she is newborn and is adjusting to the world. The next day I took her home accepting what they had said to me. At [...]