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UK screening reduced life-threatening infection in newborn babies by over 80%

A leading London hospital dramatically reduced the rates of a life-threatening infection in newborn babies thanks to a simple screening test. New research published today from a pilot study at Northwick Park Hospital reports that screening pregnant women for group B Strep (GBS) reduced the rate of these potentially deadly infections in their newborn babies by 83%. The results, published in the prestigious BMJ Open, come just days after the National Screening Committee said there was “insufficient evidence” to introduce routine GBS testing for mums-to-be in the UK. Yet in countries that have introduced antenatal GBS screening – recognised internationally as best practice – rates of these infections have fallen by significantly, by 70-90%. Group B Streptococcus (GBS or Strep [...]

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Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists’ Draft Group B Strep Guidelines

The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists have just published their draft update to their "Prevention of Early-onset Neonatal Group B Strep Disease" guideline. It’s aimed at health professionals and is available here. Please note it is a draft, so the recommendations may change. GBSS is delighted to have been asked to comment on this and we are keen to make your views heard. Everyone’s input is important, whether you’re a member of the public, a family affected by group B Strep or a health professional. If you’d like us to include your comment in our response, please complete this form and send it to us by Monday, 24th April 2017 by email to info@gbss.org.uk or by post GBSS, P O Box 203, [...]

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The Doctors Laboratory

Click here to order a group B Strep test (by email) from The Doctors Laboratory Call 020 7307 7373 to order a group B Strep test Text 'GBS' to 88020 to order a group B Strep test For queries, email gbs@tdlpathology.com Health professionals can order multiple test packs at no charge (mum pays TDL when returning the samples for culture)

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Click here to order a group B Strep test (secure online shop) from Strepelle Call 0203 488 2269 to order a group B Strep test For queries, email customerservice@strepelle.com Will be available from high-street pharmacies from Spring 2017 (contact Strepelle for details)

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Group B Strep Support’s health information achieves certification

Group B Strep Support has proven it is a provider of reliable, high quality health information having achieved certification by The Information Standard, a health and care certification programme supported by NHS England. Following a review of its information production processes, Group B Strep Support met the programme’s certification criteria and will therefore be able to display The Information Standard quality mark on our literature and website. “With so much information available now, it is vital the public be able to differentiate between information that is and isn’t trustworthy. This is why The Information Standard was established, with its easy to spot quality mark, the public just need to check the mark is on the leaflet or website [...]

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