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Group B Strep Support’s health information achieves certification

Group B Strep Support has proven it is a provider of reliable, high quality health information having achieved certification by The Information Standard, a health and care certification programme supported by NHS England. Following a review of its information production processes, Group B Strep Support met the programme’s certification criteria and will therefore be able to display The Information Standard quality mark on our literature and website. “With so much information available now, it is vital the public be able to differentiate between information that is and isn’t trustworthy. This is why The Information Standard was established, with its easy to spot quality mark, the public just need to check the mark is on the leaflet or website [...]

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Tozers Joins Group B Strep Support’s Legal Panel

National charity Group B Strep Support and law firm, Tozers, are delighted to announce their new corporate partnership to raise greater awareness of group B Strep, and provide support to families affected by it. Group B Strep is the most common cause of life-threatening infection in newborn babies, causing meningitis, sepsis or pneumonia in more than 700 babies a year in the UK. On average, two babies a day develop group B Strep infection, and one baby a week dies from group B Strep infection, and another baby is left with life-changing disability. Although home testing kits are available to buy for less than £40, Tozers has been calling for the NHS to make the ‘gold standard’  test available on [...]

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Minister for Health responds to change.org/GBS petition

We have now received a formal response to the Change.org petition on GBS that had over 256,000 signatures (now almost 300,000) when handed into the Department of Health in January. We are deeply disappointed by the response. The letter from the Minister for Health, Philip Dunne MP, does not move the issue forward at all. Apart from two sentences, it is made up entirely of standard 'boilerplate' content, seen many times in correspondence from the Department of Health, and simply summarises the current position.   “We are so disappointed by this letter - it may be that the Minister does, as he says: 'fully appreciate the concerns raised by the signatories' but, if so, he has failed to show [...]

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GBSS Response to UK NSC public consultation on antenatal group B Strep screening

The public consultation on the report that the UK National Screening Committee (UK NSC) commissioned on antenatal screening for group B Strep carriage has now closed. We are now waiting to hear the decision of the UK NSC, taking into account not only the report they commissioned, but also all the comments submitted during the public consultation. We were very disappointed with the report that was commissioned and disagree profoundly with many of the findings and conclusions. The UK NSC review looked at selected evidence published since 2012 and the report recommended against introducing a screening programme. We strongly disagree with this – evidence shows that screening can and does save lives and reduces the risk of long-term disability by preventing devastating [...]

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What Group B Strep meant for me as a soon to be father

Guest blogger - Han-Son, dad blogger at DaddiLife.com Follow the journey at https://www.facebook.com/daddilife/   The First Check Up It's April 2014, and Jess and I are just about over the ‘shock phase’ of being pregnant in time for our first ever 12 week check up. I hear this heart beat that’s growing louder and louder. My internal voice is saying ‘WOW’ Jess is growing an actual little human inside her!’ This is serial, incredible, and yes a little scary too. Bloods are taken, and we get some news soon after that Jess may have Group Strep B. ‘Strep what?’ I had never heard of it before - was it good? bad? It can’t be that bad if I’ve never heard [...]

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July is Group B Strep Awareness Month

This is a great opportunity to raise vital awareness of group B Strep (use #GBSaware wherever you can), and to honour the babies who had group B Strep infection. Help us raise as much awareness as possible, so that babies do not suffer preventable group B Strep infection, and to support families affected. To find out more, click here.

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Raise Awareness

Share our Group B Strep Awareness Month Facts a Day – we’ll be sharing these on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at 7am every day during July (and slightly later on Instagram). Use the hashtags #GBSaware Change your social media profile and cover pictures to show your support for Group B Strep Awareness Month. Download a Facebook Cover/Header picture Download a Twitter Cover/Header picture Download a Profile picture (works for most social media) Share something that’s important to you about group B Strep using #GBSaware Take a selfie holding a sign on which you’ve written: ‘It’s important to know…’ and then your statement. Upload your photos on your social media, tagging us on facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest and including the hashtag #GBSaware. Or [...]

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Pin badges & Wristbands

Wear your Group B Strep Awareness pin badge and wristband with pride! You can buy the pin badges here and wristbands here. You can also buy t-shirts (check out the larger sizes just in), polo shorts and running vests if you prefer to make a bigger impression. See the Clothing section. Wear yours during Group B Strep Awareness Month and beyond – they are great conversation starters! Click here to go back to Group B Strep Awareness Month page

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Take part in an event

You can join one of the following events which are taking place during Group B Strep Awareness Month: 1 July - 31 July -  The Big GBSS Bake Sale - Anywhere 2 July – Color Run Manchester 2 July – Comedy Night, Haywards Heath 9 Jul – Charity Summer Fair, Stallingborough, in memory of baby Faith 10 July – British 10k 2016, London 15 July – 20Th Birthday Fundraising Night, Wigan 17 July – Color Run Glasgow 17 July - Great Newham London Run 10k 23 July – Sponsored Humber Bridge Walk 23 July – Big Fun Run Brighton 24 July – Big Birthday Skydive, Northamptonshire 24 July – Big Fun Run Southampton 29 July - Bikini Walk Glasgow 30 July – Big Fun Run Birmingham 30 July - Team [...]

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Share your story

Taking part in Group B Strep Awareness Month this year – wearing a pin, taking part in a walk, or doing a skydive? We’d love to share what you’ve done and why. You’ll help inspire others to get involved and raise greater awareness. Email your story and photos to us at info@gbss.org.uk. Your local media are likely to be interested in your Group B Strep Awareness Month event, and how group B Strep has affected you and your family. Get in touch with them – you can find more information including a template press release here. If you receive any enquiries from the press, including requests to speak with families, contact us at info@gbss.org.uk or 01444 416176. Click here to go back to Group B Strep Awareness Month page [...]

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