Dr Fiona McQuaid – Patient experience survey

/Dr Fiona McQuaid – Patient experience survey

Dr Fiona McQuaid – Patient experience survey

Dr Fiona McQuaid reported on a self-completed paper survey distributed to 100 pregnant women between July and September 2014, roughly 4 months after screening had been introduced. Around 98% of those approached completed the survey. This yielded information across a range of issues.

One notable result was that 57% of women asked said that they hadn’t heard of Group B Strep before.

“So, in conclusion, I think from given the limitations of this study with relatively small numbers the group B strep screening is considered to be acceptable, fairly easy test to do, maybe a little bit uncomfortable and embarrassing.

The vast majority would have it again and feel that it’s something which should be offered to all pregnant women. From a practical point of view, people appreciate the choice as to whether or not they should do the test themselves or have a midwife do it and most that they would understand what a positive result would mean.”

Dr Fiona McQuaid, Clinical Research Fellow, North West London Hospitals NHS Trust

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