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We’re a UK-based charity, formed in 1996 with just three members and one medical adviser. We now have hundreds of members and a well-respected medical advisory panel. We have grown but our goals remain the same – to prevent life-threatening group B  Strep infection in newborn babies.

Group B Streptococcus (group B Strep or GBS) is a bacterium found in around 25% of people – a part of normal flora of the gut and genital tract. Although it’s usually harmless, it can be passed from mother to newborn baby. For newborn babies, it can be life-threatening.

Group B  Strep has been recognised as the most common cause of severe bacterial infection in newborn babies, despite the fact it is easily preventable. It’s safe and easy to detect, and inexpensive to treat, so why aren’t we doing more in the UK?

We can’t give advice, but we are ready to listen and offer information. So get in touch by email (info@gbss.org.uk) or give us a call on 01444 416 176.

Group B  Strep in the News

ITV News Coverage

After the death of a baby, Dr Chris Steele MBE called for routine Strep B testing. Dr. Chris, is well known as the resident doctor on ITV’s This Morning and is trusted by millions for his practical and open approach to airing medical issues. Watch him speak about group B Strep.Dr Chris Steel interviewMore media coverage can be found on the Media page.

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Midwife and baby

Please take a survey about testing for group B Strep. You can complete the survey anonymously. We will share the results widely, online and elsewhere.

Petition the UK Government

Group B Strep epetition

Please sign and share a 2014 petition calling for better prevention of group B Strep infection in newborn babies.

Our Patron is Dr Chris Steele MBE.

He says: Life-threatening group B Strep infection in newborn babies can usually be prevented – get informed and protect your baby.” Dr Chris Steele MBEI’d like to see every pregnant woman in the UK offered a sensitive test for group B Strep on the NHS – this is a routine part of antenatal care in many countries including Germany, France, Canada, Spain and the USA. Until then, raising awareness is the key to saving babies lives. I’d urge any pregnant woman to get informed about group B Strep, and get tested.”

Dr Chris is a family GP and resident doctor on ITV’s This Morning. He is renowned for his practical and open approach to airing medical issues in the media.